How to Schedule Appointments From the Calendar

From the navigation bar select Calendar iaQ

There are 2 ways to create an appointment from the calendar:

A. By selecting the day and time you wish your event to be scheduled right from the calendar screen

B. By selecting the New Event button

Navigating the Event Form

‍The Event Form is where you will enter the event information that will appear on the event calendar and lists.

Add the Client(s) that will attend this appointment.

Select the ‘Email Reminders’ checkbox or the ‘SMS Reminders’ checkbox to set appointment reminders to the client.

Select the box of the Fee you would like to directly invoice the client for

Example: A self-pay client will have the box for the full-service fee checked, while an insurance-paying client may only have the box for the copay or coinsurance assigned to them checked.

The service fee is specific to each client unless the appointment is for a group - the service fee is populated from the information entered in the client demographics page

Note: The service fee, modifier and unit of service fields will autofill once the service has been selected, if the user has added the info in practice settings. 

Enter your Client Services by selecting the service name from the drop-down (Service Fee will populate upon selection)

Note: The service list drop-down will only include services that are assigned to the client that will be attending this appointment

Note: The services selected should be set up on practice manager. Click here to understand how to set up services on the practice manager.

Add Event details.

Note: The Event Type, Event Location, Event’s Date, End Time  field will autofill once the service has been selected; these fields can be manually modified.

Optional: Create a Recurring Event by selecting the Set to Recurring toggle switch and selecting the Frequency

Add Staff Member(s)

Enter any Meeting Details

Select Create Event to add it to your calendar

Once an Event is created, it will appear on the Event Calendar. From there you can View, Edit, or Delete the Event.

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