Scheduling and Understanding Recurring Appointments

From the Navigation Bar, navigate to Calendar iQ

Select the + New Event button

After entering the Event Name and Location, select the "Set to recurring" toggle on the Event Date section.

Decide the start date of your Recurring Appointment, the appointment time, the frequency, and days of service, and determine the end date, whether it's after a certain date or number of occurrences.

Fill in all the event details then select Create Event

Important Note: In the event of a Recurring Telehealth Appointment, the invoice and link to the Telehealth appointment will be automatically sent out, on the morning of the appointment

When deleting a series of recurring appointments, only appointments with no attendance marked will be deleted.

To Start Attendance for a Recurring Event, Select Start Attendance

A popup letting you know the recurring event will switch to a single event will appear

Once Confirmed, the event form for a single event will now appear

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