How to Schedule VideoIQ (telehealth) Events on the Calendar

From the Navigation Bar, select Calendar iQ.‍

Select + New Event

Tip: You can also start your event creation by selecting the day and time you wish your event to be scheduled right from the calendar screen.

Enter the Event Name.

‍Enter a Location from the drop-down, and select one of the options for Telehealth.

Enter the Date, Start Time, and End Time

Note: You can create a recurring event by enabling the Set to Recurring toggle and then adding the Frequency.

‍Enter the Client Services by selecting the service name from the drop-down (Service Fee will populate upon selection)

Note: The services listed in the dropdown is from the information entered in the client demographics page or treatment plan

‍Add your Client(s)

Add the Staff Member(s)

‍Enter any Meeting Details

Select Create Event

Once an event is created, it will appear on the calendar. From there you can View, Edit, or Delete the event

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