Understanding Dynamic Reporting - Financial Reports Dashboard

The Financial Reports Dashboard provides valuable insights into your practice financial performance in real-time, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize dynamic reporting for financial analysis within TiQ.

From the Navigation Bar, select Reporting iQ

Once on the Reporting iQ page, navigate to the right and select Advanced Reporting

Select Financial Reports from the drop down

Once selected, you will now have an overview of your financial reports

To filter the Financial Reporting Dashboard, use the drop down menus at the top of the screen to filter through:

- Provider

- Service Types

- Referral Sources

- Tags

- Legal Gender and Age

- Service Date

Note: These filters correlate to the data that is reflected in the transaction ledger

Right under the filters, you will find the Quick Data tiles

Here you can view:

Service Fee YTD: Total Services fees Year to Date

Revenue YTD: Reflects the Revenue recorded from both insurance and client payments year to date

Unpaid YTD %: Reflect the percentage of unpaid client invoices

Active Clients: Number of active clients

Services: The amount of different service types conducted

Note: Any filter added will be applied to these Data Tiles

Under the Demographics tab, you will find a breakdown of client data by total amount, age and legal gender

Under the Decomposition tab, you will have ...

Select which branch you want to see by clicking on their title

On the left side, you can select if you want to view your Revenue or Payment Reporting

By selecting the Revenue Tab, you will be able to sort revenue by Date, Location, Provider, and Service Type

By Selecting the Payment Tab you will be able to sort payments by Providers, Client Invoicing, Insurance Claims, Refunds, and Adjustments

Click here to learn more about the transaction ledger

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