Understanding Dashboard Alerts

Whether you're new to using dashboards or seeking to enhance your understanding, this guide will walk you through the different types of alerts you may encounter, their significance, and the best practices for handling them.

There are four categories of alerts:

Note: Alerts are displayed and refreshed throughout all 24 hours.

From the dropdown, you can select the type of documentation from the drop down to view a comprehensive list

To fulfill the alert requirement,  select the client-specific document to open and complete the alerted document

Missing Document Alerts

TiQ can alert you when any of these 5 clinical forms are due to be completed:

- Biopsychosocial Assessment

- Individual Treatment Plan

- Progress Note

- Treatment Review

- Discharge Reports

Or when a supervisor alerts a provider that revision on a progress note is needed Click Here to Learn More about the Revision Needed Alert

Tip: Missing Document Alerts can also be uploaded as a document to client files to satisfy the missing document alert. Click Here to Learn How to Upload Client Files

2. Operational Alerts

TiQ can alert you when any of these 8 operational situations occur:

- New Leads

- Informed Consent

- No Client Activity

- New Client Intakes

- Upcoming Discharges

- Attendance Signatures:

- Payment Signatures

- Outstanding Balances

Select each alert type from the drop down to view a comprehensive list of occurrences for this alert

4. Missing Signature Alerts

TiQ tracks and reports missing signatures for the following 7 forms:

- Biopsychosocial

- Service Agreement

- Treatment Plan

- Release of Information

- Discharge Report

- Treatment Review

- Progress Note

There are 4 different signatures that may be required for a form

  • Client
  • Counselor
  • Supervisor
  • Guardian (On select forms)

From the Signature Missing Dashboard view signatures collected and signature still missing.

Click Here to learn how to request a remote signature.

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