Understanding the Revision Needed Alert

The Revision Needed Alert is triggered when a supervisee has submitted a progress note.

From the dashboard under the Missing Documents Alert section, select Revision Needed.

From the progress note needing to be revised, you can either:

- Add a Revision Note by selecting the Note Icon on the right

- Select the relevant progress note from the dashboard to open the note and complete any edits to the form.

- Select the Review Revision Note button to add or view the note left by the supervisor

Note: If you are the supervisee, you will not have the ability to edit the revision note.

- Once the note has been added, change the status of the note to Revision Requested By Supervisor.

Note: by default, the status of the revision note will be Pending Revision by Supervisor when the progress note is submitted by the supervisee.

- Select Confirm and close the form, and you will be redirected to the Revision Needed Alert page.

Clearing the Revision Needed alert

After making the requested revision, the supervisee must:

Select the Review Revision Note button.

Select the revision status Revision Requested by Supervisor and Confirm

Save and Submit the progress note.

After reviewing the changes made, select the Review Revision Note button, and select Revision Approved by Supervisor

Confirm and Submit the progress note‍.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that clinicians have 7 days total to complete edits to a note after it is submitted.

Note: the supervisor who has not signed the progress note yet will still be presented with a missing signature alert until both parties have signed, this will alert the supervisor that the note is still needing to be submitted.

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