Understanding the Invoice Aging Report

The Invoice Aging report provides a comprehensive overview of all outstanding client invoices. It allows you to access detailed information about each invoice, including the number of days that have elapsed since the service was rendered and the invoice became open.

Note: This report does not include amounts that are expected to be paid by insurance.

From the Navigation Bar select Reporting iQ.

From Reporting iQ, select the Invoice Aging tab.

On this page, you can sort by: Name, Service Date, Amount, Age, and Invoice Status.

To send an invoice:

Select or search which client you'd like to send the invoice to.

Select Send Invoices.

Confirm if you'd like to send the invoices for the selected records. 

Once the invoice is sent, the invoice status will now be Sent.

Important: In order to send an invoice the client has to have an email on file, if there isn't one you will get an error.

To Run Payments:

Select or search which client you want to run the payment for.

Select Run Payments

Confirm if you'd like to run payments for the selected invoices.

Once the payment has been made, you will get a confirmation at the bottom of the page and the invoice will no longer be listed.

Important: In order to run payments the client(s) need to have a payment method on file, they don't have one you will get an error message.

To change the time interval of the service date select Service Date.

If you would like to export the report, select Export.

Note: This will export all invoices on the Aging Report


Age: age of the invoice from the initial service date.

Amount: current outstanding amount associated with the invoice.

Name: name of the client associated with the invoice.

Service Date: the date of service associated with the invoice.

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