Understanding the Calendar iQ List View

In Calendar iQ you have the ability to view your appointment as a list. In this guide, we will provide you with an in-depth understanding so you can be successful in navigating the List View of the calendar.

From the Navigation Bar, Select Calendar iQ

You will now see your calendar

On the right side you will have the following viewing options:

- Month

- Week

- Day

- List

Select ‘List View’, and you will now see a list view of your schedule

Note: On list view you can only see your weekly schedule

On the List View you are able to see relevant information from the appointment like:

- Session Date and Time

- Session Name - Location

- Provider Name

- Insurance Name

- Insurance Number

The Insurance Status is pulled from the eligibility check.

Note: Each payer provides this information in a different section of the breakdown. If the coverage does not state active - then the status will show to be inactive.

In the Actions column, you are able to view the Attendance Icons for the events

When the 3 dots is selected on the event line you get the following option:

- Start Meeting

- Send Invitations

- Edit Event

- Run Eligibility (All)

Note: When Run Eligibility (All) is selected, benefits check will be run on all clients in the event.

When the 3 dots is selected on the client line you get the following option:

- Send Invitation

- Run Eligibility

Note: When Run Eligibility is selected the insurance status should update without the page needing to be refreshed.

By selecting the Insurance Name for a client from the Calendar List View, you will be redirected to the Financial & Insurance Info page of this client

You can filter the appointments by: Location, Status, Event Types, Rooms, and Users.

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