Text Message Reminders in TiQ

This guide will show you how to setup text message appointment reminders and how to use them.

Keep in mind reminders come from the same number. If your practice would like a custom number you will need to enable the Conversation iQ add-on which will allow you to text with a number your practice chooses. Contact TiQ support if you need to make an account upgrade.

How To Set The Frequency Of Text Message Reminders

From the Navigation Bar, select Practice Manager.

Select the Alert Settings tab

Scroll down until you see the Client Email & SMS Reminders section.

Note: This will allow you to set the frequency of emails and SMS (text) reminders and when your client will receive the email and/or text.

Use the + Add More button to add as many frequencies as you choose.

Select Submit.

As a reminder, when making an appointment for the client, the SMS Reminders checkbox must be selected in order for the client to receive email and/or text messages reminders.

You can also save the clients reminder preferences in their demographics page to avoid having to select the preference each time on the event page.

How To Navigate And Access The SMS Message Template:

From the Navigation Bar, select Messaging iQ

To create a new system message, select the New SMS Template.

To edit a previously existing template, select the three dotted menu

Select Edit from the menu

When done, ensure you Submit.

Click here to learn more about creating text message templates on Messaging iQ

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