Navigating Your TiQ Support Ticket Portal

The TiQ Support Ticket Portal is a great way to keep tabs on your pending support tickets or review any previously closed ones. In this guide, we'll walk you through every step, from receiving your portal invite to accessing it later for seamless assistance.

On your TiQ chat bubble, select the link for your Support Ticket Portal

A new tab will open with the Sign In page for the TiQ Support Ticket Portal

If this is your first time logging in:

Select Register Here

Enter the Required Information

IMPORTANT: The email address must be associated with your current TiQ account

Select Save Password

The page will refresh asking that you verify your email

In your email inbox, you will also receive a verification email, select Verify Email Address to verify your email

A new tab with the Sign In page will open

Enter your Email and your Password and select Sign In

You will now view any Open or Closed Tickets you have with TiQ Support

To view the TiQ Knowledgebase, select Knowledgebase on the top right corner

In your Ticket View, you will see the following info regarding your tickets:

ID: This is auto generated when a Ticket is Created

Subject: This is created when a TiQ Support Member has contacted you regarding your query

Created Date: When the ticket was created

Last Activity: When was the last Activity on the ticket

Status: Whether your ticket is currently Open or Closed

To view details for a Ticket, Select from the Ticket List

You will now be redirected to the detailed page of the selected ticket

To reply to a ticket, start typing in the Reply To section

Note: On the Portal you can only reply to Open tickets. Feel free to reply from your email inbox to reopen a closed ticket.

To expand the reply box, select the right corner and drag down

To send an attachment with your email, select Attach File

To send your reply to support select the Send button

You will now see your reply listed under the Ticket Detail page

Select View All Tickets or Tickets at the top to go back to your listed tickets

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