How to record a No Show or Cancellation

Once you are on the main calendar screen, select the appointment you need to record a No Show/Cancellation for.

Select Record Attendance.

Choose No Show or Client Cancelled and then select Next.

Next you will be brought to the Confirm Services & Fees screen.

  • Because you selected No Show/Cancelled you will now see the original service listed as well as the No Show/Cancelled fee.
  • If you chose, you can remove the original service by selecting the delete icon.
  • Note: By leaving the original fee on the confirm service screen, your clients invoice for this service will remain open.
  • Your company No Show/Cancellation fee will then populate. This fee is editable as this stage.

Select Next once all fees and services are correct.

*Your clients invoice will automatically be updated to reflect the No Show/Cancellation fee.

Complete the Payment form below OR; select Skip to be brought back to the calendar.

On your event, you will see that the icon now reflects a No Show or Cancelled Icon.

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