How to create a Superbill

A Superbill is a document that contains important information such as the services provided, their associated fees, and the provider's details. In TiQ, you can easily generate superbills once a client has made a payment for a service. This guide will simplify the process and will help you create a Superbill effortlessly.

Note: The Superbill feature is linked to the PaymentIQ Permission. If you do not have access to this permission, please contact your Practice Admin.

From the client profile, select Billing Overview

From the drop down, select Superbill

You will now see the Client's Transaction History

Select the Date Range you would like your Superbill to reflect

To filter by provider select Filter by Provider

Select or Search the provider you would like to filter by and Confirm

Select Generate PDF to create a PDF of the client’s superbill

Select the box if you would like to email the superbill to the client

Select Generate PDF to create the superbill.

Once the superbill pdf has been generated, you will be redirected to the client's file where it's located

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